Why is Rich Media Messaging Making Direct Mail Marketing Obsolete?

For the few that haven’t gotten on to the trend of using mobile to market and still are using direct marketing as a method, pay attention to this nugget of info from Business2Community.

After reading this article you will learn that mobile has the potential to be low in costhigh open rate and also extremely quick and effective (Especially if we are comparing it to the old marketing techniques of direct mail).

Below is a summary of the article that gives us a breakdown of the benefits of RMM (Rich Media Messaging) and what that means for us as marketers.

We know customers are changing and adapting to technology which means as marketers we too need to change our “marketing methodologies” too.

We also need to consider the pros and cons of using different mediums to get our message across. A solution we are seeing that counteracts any problems of old styles of communication is RMM. RMM is something we refer to as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) which is a growing and fun way to receive/share information that businesses have jumped on board with.

Below we can see a comparison table of Direct Mail vrs RMM. I find this information to be highly relevant; especially if you are undecided on what medium to use for your next marketing campaign.

RMM v Direct Marketing

When we compare it to old techniques of marketing, RMM/MMS counteracts any problems that arise in using direct marketing which is usually high costslow response rates and long delivery cycle (all fairly disappointing characteristics in any sort of marketing method).

We also need to think about the time it takes to develop a direct marketing strategy and how relevant it is when comparing to a RMM that can be created, sent and received in a short space of time. Another point to make is that communication should be done in real time as a conversation; which mobile is the perfect tool to use.

And just a side note, whenever you are deciding what marketing technique to use; think about whom are you targeting? These days we are adapting and using smartphones as a primary source of information gathering, think about how you, yourself uses this technology and place yourself in the shoes of your target market.

Original article found here

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