Technology And Why It Needs To Be Embraced

This is an excellent article from the Weekly Fitness Challenge that we can all take away some key information.

To give you some background on this article; The Health & Fitness Business: Success; Real or Imagined?, Geoff Hampton has been in the fitness industry in sales and membership for over thirty years and is taking us through on how to evaluate your health and fitness business. He is blogging on behalf of FIT-C (The Fitness Industry Technology Council).

This article provides a commentary on how fitness and health club owners still use ‘old school’ business models to determine the success (or lack thereof) their business. He also explores the idea of how technology needs to be a part of the development process as past evaluation tools of business are now becoming redundant.


Geoff Hampton also gives us an example and shows us how these methods of assessing the success of your fitness club can have problems. However, he is not completely throwing away the old schools of thought.

He sees the value in these old techniques but he also sees the promise that technology can bring to the table and help move your business forward (in any industry, not just fitness).

Look at these stats (below) and determine for yourself how the notion of technology in your fitness and health club is vital.

1. Exercising and weight watching consumers want to be connected 24/7
2. Over 35 million in US now use tracking devices
3. Currently 51% of exercisers use smartphones while working out
4. Smartphone adoption in the US will reach 80% by 2014
5. Currently 74% of consumers believe technology helped them lose weight & stay motivated
6. Currently only 1/3 of gyms/clubs have equipment that interacts with member devices

(Provided by Bryan O’Rourke founder of FIT-C)

Processing these stats is making you aware of how essential technology is to us when we work out at the gym and even when we are at home. This proves that fitness is so important to us and is constantly on our minds.

Use this information to your advantage and think outside your old way of thinking to help increase your business and benefit your health and fitness club.

Technology is something that should not be feared, but embraced.

Read full article here

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