Mt. Evelyn IGA Mobile Saver Program [Case Study]

The supermarket space is one of the most competitive environments in the market place. Retailers are looking for smart, effective and targeted programs to engage existing and new customers.

IGA Mt. Evelyn

It has required searching beyond the traditional marketing formats of print catalogue & email.​​

So what about Mobile?​​

The Mt Evelyn IGA Mobile Saver program delivers exclusive specials to members whom opt in the receive notification of the offers on their mobile. It’s designed to secure loyalty with members receiving savings up to half price and more on everyday staples weekly.​​

“The aim is to generate more traffic to store and thus more revenue” says Tony Ingpen Mt Evelyn IGA Business owner.​​

Retail is very competitive – so we hope that in offering value to our customers they will shop at Mt Evelyn IGA” says Tony.

Mobile is cost effective vs TV, print & catalogue – plus its direct to Mt Evelyn shoppers thus less wastage! With emails only being opened by 11% of recipients, and catalogues largely read by those over 50+ years – communicating via Mobile makes sense.​​

Further using Mobile Mt Evelyn IGA can communicate immediately with customers to counteract a competitors pricing, pass on a great special, capitalise on an event ie Discount on Easter Eggs or Long Weekend Liquor Specials. We can deliver messaging to customers within ½ hour – we’re not dictated by print lead times.​​

“Initially we sent notification out on a Wednesday of up to 6 specials, we have now increased the activity to introduce an offer on Friday for the weekend – it’s a winner for our customers and our store” ​​

The success of the Mobile Program has resulted in diverting more of our budget to mobile vs print. The program was introduced 10 month ago, and has proven to be effective in getting customers into the store and driving sales.​​

The Results ​​

“We believe that Mobile is one of 3 critical business initiatives introduce in the last 12 months that has supported business growth. As such Mt Evelyn IGA are experiencing sales growth of 4% (April 2013) – a great result when most retailers sales are static or in decline”​​

Mt Evelyn has experienced an increase in not only those shopping but also completing their full shot at the store. With 25% – 50% of shoppers responding to the Mobile offer – we derive much upside from the specials drawing them into store. Plus the weekly messaging acts as a reminder to shop with us and that Mt Evelyn IGA delivers good value.​​

Communicating via mobile deliver a better return on investment. The cost effectiveness means we have been able to increase ​​the activity – diverting monies from other promotional formats.​​

And the customer

Customers enjoy being a member of something exclusive and of value to them. If you respect that the Mobile Phone is a personal device and don’t abuse that privilege they are happy to receive communications that is of benefit to them – “customers actually welcome it in helping plan their weekly shop ‘says Tony Ingpen.​​

Have you used a loyalty program similar to this? We would love for you to comment!

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