Have you got a mobile site yet?

If you haven\’t already gone mobile here are some great reasons to hurry up and start!

Plenty of businesses have already set up mobile-sites and apps, so why haven\’t you? If your site is not mobile ready or takes too long to load will increase site abandonment. Ensure that you a) are mobile ready and b) your site load times are quick as we are impatient people who want our search results now.

Below is an infographic from Demandforce.

Opportunities for mobile-friendly sites are growing larger every day. As of 2012, mobile traffic alone makes up 10% of all Internet use the world over, and more users are expected to access the Internet through their mobile phones than their desktops by the end of 2013. Yet with that level of upward mobility, recent studies show that only 10% of websites have optimized for mobile devices. How can you make sure that your business doesn\’t lose out on this mobile opportunity?


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