Best kept secret for promoting your next trade breakfast [Mitre 10 Case Study]

Plenty of organisations are using SMS to help increase foot traffic to their events.  The immediacy and cut-through of the direct text message certainly works.

But how about using MMS, that allows you to incorporate images, photos or even video – would this make the results even better?

Mitre 10 Torquay were using SMS to promote their trade brekkies (breakfasts) for trade clients.

Recently they used MMS to invite their Trade Members list to their Trade Brekkie on the day which resulted with…


Approx 60 people attending; double what they usually get

Mitre10 Torquay marketing strategy for the event

In the past Evan Crick, the Owner of Mitre 10 Torquay, would send out two single SMS messages to promote the event. They would send one a few days leading up to the ‘Trade Brekkie’ and one on the morning to remind them to come.

Unfortunately, using SMS like this did not capture their audiences’ attention. However, when they used MMS, the Mitre 10 Torquay team saw a dramaticuplift in attendance.

“We used MMS to invite all of our Trade Members on our database to the ‘Trade Brekkie’ and had our best ever turnout. We had about 60 people to the event, which is double what we usually get.”

Why this marketing works

In Evan Cricks opinion to why the MMS campaign works so well has to do with capturing attention of their audience in an interesting way.

“I think the secret to it all is the images and photos that go with the message. In the past we used SMS to invite them down but we find that the images really capture the attention of our audience and they respond better to it.”

MMS has the ability to transfer the experience you are trying to create and send it straight to your audience. By using mobile as the platform, the message reaches your audience wherever they are. This has the ability to direct them to the event, which in turn results in increased foot traffic.

When we compare events that have used MMS to invite their guests, in comparison to those who use SMS; MMS wins every day.

So the secret for your next event, is make use of MMS to capture your clients attention, it will show case the event in the best possible way and you know it will be a  message they will respond to – in droves!

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