Mitre 10 Gains Instant Sales with MMS [Case Study]

We look at several ways mobile marketing can be used across many industries. Mitre 10 Torquay (One of Australia’s biggest Hardware chains) have been working with MOBIPOST since May 2013 and are making great use of the communication system and are getting solid results.

This case study will look into the benefits of using MMS to promote specific products that generate sales in comparison to other forms of marketing.​​

For this particular campaign, Mitre 10 Torquay sent out an MMS promoting the discounted Makita Drill to their Rewards Club members which resulted with…​​


6 units sold with a ROI over 2500%​​

Mitre10 Torquays’ marketing strategy

Mitre10 Torquay sends out two email campaigns a week and sends out a once off promotions to their Trade Members. Evan Crick the Mitre 10 Torquay, the Owner is noticing the difference in sales volume when using mobile and email.​​

“We send out emails to our Rewards Club however the open rate is sitting at 20%-22% and a lot of them may just delete it. When we send out an MMS that has an image of the product we get instant responses and sales that we don’t usually see.”​​

With mobile messaging open rates are close to 97% and has instant response rate. When it is compared to email the average response time for a campaign is close to 2.5 days.​​

What is great to see is that both marketing channels are seeing extremely low optout rates. This is due the product information they are sending out is valued by the receiver.​​

What does the future hold for Mitre 10 Torquay?

When looking ahead for their marketing, Mr. Crick sees a future in MMS and utilizing the benefits of sending images of the product along with the sales promotion. When considering future use of MOBIPOST, the underlying focus is using promotions that the customer would want to receive.​​

“We promote products that our databases would want to know about. This is key to getting these types of results. We also are promoting to repeat buyers and know that the items we are advertising are worthwhile. By doing this ensures sales straight away. For our once off promotions, we sent out a MMS for the DeWalt Cordless Saw Kit- within a minute someone rang to buy it!”​​

Using a variety of methods to promote your products is essential to get the message out there. However, the more we look into specific products being sold and measured are finding that mobile is the one thing that is generating results and quickly.​​

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