MMS for Property Marketing

When considering which industries are best suited to Bulk MMS it is hard to overlook the property and real estate sector.

Real estate agencies and property developers spend a lot of money on branding.  They produce copious amounts of marketing material by way of brochures, letter box drops, property cards, magazines and more.  They also have some of the more attractive web sites going around.

It is not hard to see why this industry puts a lot of time and effort into branding and visuals.  Buying property is after all, an emotive experience and nothing motivates a buyer more than visualizing themselves in their new property.  The old saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words” is particular relevant to property marketing.

Sadly, when it comes to motivating consumers to take action, many agencies revert back to using plain text (SMS) marketing.  So for instance, when notifying potential buyers know about a forthcoming auction, or when a property comes on the market that fits the buyer’s profile – many agencies will send out an SMS alert.

By introducing MMS marketing into your property campaign, you can showcase a property in much greater light – by highlighting key features such as the rooms, floor plan, views, interior and exterior.  The money invested into marketing the property in other channels can be re-purposed for MMS which maintains consistent branding across print, digital and mobile.

Our colleagues over at Mobipost worked with an agency to promote off-the-plan apartments for the luxury BARCA Apartments just outside of Brisbane.   MMS marketing messages were sent to clients prompting them to arrange exclusive appointments to inspect the property.

You can view the incredible success of this MMS campaign on the Mobipost blog here;

MMS motivates the discerning property buyer – Barca Bulimba MMS Case Study

If you are an agency or reseller wanting to send property MMS campaigns please contact us for more information and rates.  To request a copy of our MMS API documentation, use our request page here.

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