How to leverage buying decisions with MMS

In an earlier article in this blog we discussed the power of imagery in marketing and brand communications.

Graphics, imagery and videos are also known to trigger our emotions in different ways. In the social media world, certain types of multimedia content effect our emotions in ways that cause us to share the content.  Some content has a viral effect and may get many hundreds, thousands or even millions of shares.

Emotions can also influence what we buy and our buying decisions. Buying decisions are after all, 80% emotional and only 20% based on logic.

With the ability of MMS to include multimedia content, much like social media – it is a wonder why more brands are not using MMS to trigger emotional buying responses from consumers.  And an often overlooked feature of MMS is the ability to share the multimedia content on social media platforms like Facebook.

The following article from The Social Ms discusses the power of emotions in content marketing and is a great read;

Some of the top emotions that influence our buying decisions are;

  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • Surprise

So we would encourage you to think about triggering emotions in your content marketing and that includes MMS of course.

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