The seasonal fluctuations on the usage of MMS

CTIA, the U.S. organisation which represents the wireless communications industry in the U.S. recently released their “Wireless Snapshot 2017” Report. The report details the continual explosive growth of wireless data.  The report also specifically mentions MMS where traffic rose 27.2 percent in 2016 to 1.9 trillion messages exchanged across the U.S.

Syniverse, a major global mobile provider reference the CTIA report on their blog post here;

Syniverse also make mention in there article that they handle 4 billion MMS transactions per day and that these transaction volumes fluctuate significantly depending on the season.  So for example, key holiday times in the U.S. such as Halloween and Thanksgiving have seen MMS volume increases in excess of one third over the past few years – as these are times when consumers tend to share photos.

Of course, Syniverse are referring to person-to-person (or P2P) messaging between mobile handsets, but the article got us to thinking about similar volume fluctuations of application-to-peer (A2P) MMS volumes.

At Thirdscreen we see A2P MMS volume fluctuations based on a number of factors – seasons are certainly one of those.

Spring and summer time tend to see volume spikes as many businesses coincide their marketing campaigns around these key times in the annual calendar.  Similarly, Christmas and the Festive Season is another major time for businesses running promotions and hence, we see volume increases in MMS at this time of year as well.  End of Financial Year (30 June for Australian businesses) is another time of year where MMS tends to increase as many industries such as automotive and retail tend to run “End of Financial Year” sale campaigns to their customers.

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