MMS helps to drive new BM3 launch

We are always on the lookout for clients and agencies engaging with MMS to drive participation with their customers and heighten engagement with their marketing campaigns.

In previous articles in this blog we’ve touched on a number of industries including automotive.

It is pleasing to see the use of MMS in the automotive sector internationally as well.

The Heckford Advertising agency in the UK are a good example – they used SMS/MMS for the Lloyd Motor Group (a UK based motor group that represent multiple luxury automotive brands) to advertise the new BMW 3 Series.  The campaign encouraged recipients to share the new launch with friends and family.

It is another great example of using MMS, with its ability to enhance and extend the imagery used in other digital channels with a direct mobile message to potential customers.

Heckford document the SMS/MMS case study in their Lloyd Motor Group case study here;

Imagery: Courtesy of Heckford –

For more on Heckford please see;

At Thirdscreen in Australia, we also see numerous automotive agencies and brands utilising the benefits of MMS in their marketing efforts.

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