How MMS helped influence the U.S. Presidential Campaign

We are always on the lookout innovative use cases utilising MMS.

On an international level, it is pleasing to see the use of MMS in a number of industries including automotive – as highlighted in our recent article from the UK.

One of the more interesting case studies that crossed our desk, was how personalised video and picture MMS messages were used in 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Both the Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton camps used MMS in the final weeks of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  Personalised video text messages were sent to voters based on their geographical location and issues that they most cared about.

Skycore in the U.S. provide a web based mobile messaging platform that facilitates the sending of SMS, MMS and RCS messages.

Skycore detail the use of MMS in the U.S. Presidential Campaign in their Infographic and case study here;

Picture: Courtesy Skycore

Approaching Election Day, Trump sent an MMS message almost every day. He was the first US presidential candidate to use MMS with a video. His videos were of him (and Ivanka once) speaking directly to his voters for 25 seconds urging them to donate and vote.

Undoubtedly, there was plenty of marketing happening on social media platforms for the Presidential Campaign as well – but MMS, with its superior cut-through in getting messages directly to voters phones (on issues that mattered most to them) – must also have had the desired effect.

It is surprising that Australian political parties are not utilising MMS in their own campaigns.

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