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Why you need to be thinking: Mobile First

Your mobile phone is no longer an after thought. It is usually the first thing that you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down when you go to bed. This is why a mobile strategy needs to be considered to really engage with your audience and generate results. See here where Loyalty Lab take on why you need to be thinking ‘mobile-first’. Continue reading

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Why Mobile Health Technologies Haven’t Taken Off (Yet)

There is a marketplace for mHealth, but will people adopt the implementation? Will people accept the “non-traditional physician-patient encounters”? Read below to see what the future has instore for mobile health application and activities. Continue reading

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The degree of differences between age groups and devices

Are you surprised by the fact that people aged 18-24 spend more time on there smartphone over other mediums such as TV, tablet and PC? This is why it is essential that you assess which media channels are appropriate for your specific target market to get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Read here to see the predominate device that each age segment spends their time on. Continue reading

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4 ways wearables will transform the healthcare experience

The shift of wearables may be the future of “smart” devices.

Do you think the trend will survive? Will it make for better digital experiences? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Continue reading

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Report: Social Sharing On Mobile Devices Surges 30% In Second Quarter

Marketing Land gives a quick recap of ShareThis research report on the rapid increase of sharing on social sites via mobile. Adding to the evidence that 2014 is a mobile tipping point, social data and sharing tool provider ShareThis reported … Continue reading

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