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Like Social Media use MMS to make a good first impression

Image: Courtesy: Earlier in the year, the team at Adobe Creative Cloud posted an article on their blog titled, “Image Is Everything: Making a Good First Impression on Social Media” which discussed the use of social media to reach customers … Continue reading

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South African subscribers of Rate ‘n Date can have their looks rated by MMS

In an earlier blog article we discussed the usage of MMS for a number of “inbound” or “incoming” MMS use cases. So the application here is that the customer or consumer takes a photo on their smart phone and sends … Continue reading

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The seasonal fluctuations on the usage of MMS

CTIA, the U.S. organisation which represents the wireless communications industry in the U.S. recently released their “Wireless Snapshot 2017” Report. The report details the continual explosive growth of wireless data.  The report also specifically mentions MMS where traffic rose 27.2 … Continue reading

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Prime your taste buds! Spotlight on MMS for the Fast Food Sector

We have explored some interesting industry sectors who are adopting MMS in our earlier blog articles, including automotive, fashion and beauty brands, property and more. Another industry which is perfectly suited for MMS messaging and for instance, the delivery of … Continue reading

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Where is MMS in your Chatbot Strategy?

Unless you’ve been disconnected from the Internet for an extended period of time, no doubt you will have heard some of the buzz about Chatbots.  Chatbots are big news right now. A Forbes article published recently, refers to a Forrester … Continue reading

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