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Our Smartphones Are Making Live TV Better Than Ever

The history of the Internet is one of lonely- people trying to find on another. Consider: Compu-serve, AOL, Myspace, – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whats-App.

Ultimately, they\’re all about communicating with others. We look into a glowing screen and see something human. But the best of these services let something human look back at us. And when technology just melts away, it almost feels like we\’re not alone. Continue reading

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What do consumers really think when using your app?

Mobile apps aren\’t just about shopping anymore, they provide for a bigger picture and a holistic perception of the brand. Below is Retail Dive analysis on Internet Retailer data showing what consumers think when using apps and how it affects their shopping online and in-store. Continue reading

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More than 70% of digital coupon users will use a mobile device to redeem a discount in 2014

Digital coupon adoption rates are on the rise with many consumers using coupons with their tablets and smartphones. It is also forecast that coupon audience will post double-digit growth rates annually through 2016. Continue reading

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