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More digital video ad views come via smartphones than ever before

It is not just here in Australia that video content is being played more frequently on our smartphones and tablets, but in the UK too. eMarketer breaks down the UK market and what device is receiving more views. Continue reading

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Increasingly travel bookings are made on smartphones

Here Venture Beat show that more and more of us are using their smartphones to plan holidays and book accommodation and flights. This is why so many businesses not just in the travel industry are ensuring everything in their marketing … Continue reading

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What apps are people spending most of their time on in 2014?

It is no real surprise that more people are using apps over mobile sites, especially where UX (User Experience) is a priority for many app designers. See here the study from Localytics presented by TechCrunch which type of installed apps are getting more attention over others. Continue reading

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While age plays a role in smartphone ownership, this technology doesn\’t have a gender divide

Here Neilsen compare the generation gap of smartphone ownership and also take a look at users preferences in operating systems and how it can affect the market share. Continue reading

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Apple releases, was it what you expected?

Everyone is buzzing with the new iPhone 6, iPhone Plus and Apple Watch releases.

Was it what you expected? Tell us in the comments! Continue reading

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How You’ll Be Able to Use Your iPhone 6 as a Wallet

There are rumblings of excitement around the office here at Thirdscreen with the anticipating launch of the iPhone 6.

Most people are concerned with the updated features and the whole feel and look of the phone, but what about the new payment system opportunity? Continue reading

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