Walmart reportedly developing personal shopper experience using MMS

As you know, at Thirdscreen we are always on the lookout for interesting case studies that utilise MMS.

More recently we covered how the insurance industry can use incoming MMS by allowing customers to send picture messages of claims to their agents.

And last year we wrote a specific article on incoming MMS use cases for a variety of other industries as well.

It seems we are not the only ones talking up the benefits of incoming MMS applications.

The world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart is a giant of the retail industry and operates in over 28 countries.

Walmart have a subsidiary called Code Eight, set-up specifically to develop unique personal shopping experiences.

Just last month, Recode reported that Code Eight had recently started testing a personal shopping service for “busy NYC (New York City) moms” that allows them to make purchases simply by using text messaging.  This includes the ability to order products simply by texting a photo of it.

The full Recode article is here;

The ability to text a photo is of course a feature of MMS and certain providers (such as Thirdscreen) are able to receive MMS messages and then take some action – such as forward the MMS message contents via email, for instance.

In the Walmart example it appears that MMS messages are being routed to customer service agents for manual processing however, more complex handling such as two-way conversations, or automated image recognition, could easily be incorporated.  An MMS gateway such as Thirdscreen’s with the ability to receive MMS messages can help make this happen.

The fact that Walmart, the world’s largest retailer is testing a project such as this shows the value of incorporating MMS into shopping experience in the retail sector.  The ubiquitous nature of both SMS and MMS make such messaging applications not only seamless but highly practical.

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