Spotlight on MMS for big box retail (IKEA Case Study)

As you know, at Thirdscreen we are always on the lookout interesting use cases with MMS.

In previous blog articles we’ve covered MMS being used for marketing in car dealerships, convenience stores, fashion and beauty and fast food amongst others.

Another sector which is a perfect fit for MMS marketing is big box retailers – for electrical and homewares for example.  In Australia we have the likes of JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys for example.

We have looked into how the power of imagery can help to influence our buying decisions in an earlier article.

Undoubtedly, big box retailers with their large product ranges and virtually endless lines of stock, coupled with large potential customer bases, can utilise MMS to entice customers into store for seasonal campaigns.

On such big box retailer leveraging the power of MMS is IKEA.

Tatango, who are an SMS/MMS provider in the U.S. document one of IKEA’s MMS Summer Specials campaign here;

The IKEA case study shows an enticing photo of an outdoor furniture setting and includes a link to an online flyer.

When it comes to big box retailers and homewares, IKEA is one of the biggest going around – on a world scale.  The above case study is a great example of how big box retailers can engage with their customers and drive foot traffic into their stores.  Undoubtedly other big box retailers can leverage MMS in a similar way for seasonal promotions, monthly specials, new product announcements and more.

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