Report: 38% of Online Retail Traffic Comes from Smartphones and Tablets

How do you shop? Increasingly, people are using their smartphone and tablets over their PCs to shop for clothes, cars, home wares, just about everything! This is why it is essential to have your site optimized for the various platforms people are using to browse your business.

ShopVisible, an eCommerce platform for mid-market retailers and B2B sellers, just released its latest Influence & Impact eCommerce Benchmarking Report, which – among other things – found that site traffic from mobile devices and tablets continues to rise in 2014, capturing 38% of all site traffic during the first half of the year. In their 2013 recap, ShopVisible found that 30% of site traffic came from something other than a desktop/laptop, and during the holidays, mobile traffic alone accounted for 20%.

It’s clearly time for retailers to think about optimizing their sites for all devices if they haven’t already. Whether that means creating a separate mobile site, redesigning a site to be responsive, or creating an app, optimizing for all screens has become a necessity and the trend suggests that it will continue to grow this holiday season.

ShopVisible’s data also uncovered that orders from mobile and tablet devices as a combined percentage of total order volume has increased over last year, but there’s still a significant difference in the amount of traffic that arrives from these devices and the amount of orders placed. In 2013, only 4% of orders came from mobile, and 11% from tablets — both have increased (6% for mobile, 13% for tablet), but there’s still a gap.

This data signals that consumers are increasingly browsing from these devices but have yet to transact in the same way as they would a traditional browser/web experience. Additionally, average order values remain much lower on mobile devices than those on a desktop/laptop, emphasizing a significant opportunity for online retailers to increase overall revenue from mobile devices and tablets through optimization.

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