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Everyone is buzzing with the new iPhone 6, iPhone Plus and Apple Watch releases.

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch release date, price and features

THE wait is over. Apple has finally taken the wraps off TWO brand new iPhones as well as that one more thing we were all hoping for: the Apple Watch.

After months of speculation, rumours, hearsay and hogwash we all can exchange a collective sign of relief for gasps of excitement as the new, exciting gadgets arrive.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Bigger, better and more thumb-friendly.

Bigger, better and more thumb-friendly. Source: Supplied

In front of a rapturous crowd Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced “the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone” by unveiling the completely redesigned, iPhone 6 and the even larger iPhone 6 Plus. The handsets looked like many of the multitude of internet leaks measuring in at 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch respectively sporting smooth edges, a thinner profile and sharper screen. The bigger phones have been designed to be used one-handed and can be turned landscape on the homescreen just like a really mini iPad.

How the new phones measure up.

How the new phones measure up. Source: Supplied

But much more than a facelift the insides have been given a revamp with a faster A8 processor that’s 25 per cent faster than the 5S. The new processor also helps battery life, with the 6 Plus touting an extra 6 days of standby battery over the 5S, while Apple claims only modest improvements for the 6.

Keeping up with the fitness gadget craze it’s updated its motion tracking M8 processor that can tell the difference between if you’re running or cycling. Sadly, it’s still 8-megapixel rear camera but there have been some tweaks including an image stabiliser for the iPhone 6 Plus, and a burst mode for the front camera that will delight selfie seekers. The handsets will be available from September 19th (you can pre-order from the 12th, if you don’t want to sleep outside the store) with Australian pricing as follows:

iPhone 6

16GB — $869

64GB — $999

128GB — $1129

iPhone 6 Plus

16GB — $999

64GB — $1129

128GB — $1249

Apple Watch

It’s about time. Apple’s smartwatch could change the game.

It’s about time. Apple’s smartwatch could change the game. Source: Supplied

We heard about it, we thought about it, but no one really knew if Apple would actually announce it. Well, they did, and oh boy are we about to see a game changer in the wearable stakes. So far, we’ve been unconvinced to don a smartwatch but Tim Cook rocked out the Apple Watch (not iWatch) and it\’s a rectangular, super sleek piece of kit that can perform so many tricks the crowd were struggling to keep up. The display is flexible and made out of sapphire — the second hardest transparent material, behind diamond — and is controlled by a digital crown (that dial on the side of regular watches). There are sensors on the rear that take your vitals such as heartrate.

Got your pulse racing?

Got your pulse racing? Source: Supplied

The types of apps we were shown displayed on the customisable face included maps, photos, music control as well the ability to talk to other Apple Watches. You can create a doodle on the screen and send it to them or, if you want to really creep them out, let them feel your heartbeat as it uses a ‘Tapic’ vibration feature to alert you to notifications. It comes in three different editions including a ‘Sport Edition’, which is more rugged, and a premium version.

Let’s face it, the more customisable the better.

Let’s face it, the more customisable the better. Source: Supplied

But the most appealing aspect of the Watch is how much you can control with it. As well as controlling music on other devices you can also work your Apple TV, unlock your hotel room door and even find where you parked your BMW.

Australian prices for the Apple Watch haven’t been announced but the US price starts at $349 and will be available from early 2015.

Apple Pay

The NFC that the iPhone has long needed is finally here.

Forgot your wallet? No worries, you can charge it to your phone. Source: Supplied

The tech giant has also launched Apple Pay, which it says will mean the end of the wallet as we know it. Both the new iPhones as well as the Apple Watch will be able to use the system where you simply tap to purchase items. The system is launching in the US starting with American Express, Mastercard and Visa and major banks, with no word on when the system is likely to hit Australia. Mr Cook says Apple Pay “will forever change the way we buy things”.

Today’s launch was by far the biggest, most crucial, product unveiling Apple has had, after rivals have been leading the charge in larger mobile phones for some time. With these larger screened iPhones it has delivered on the cries from consumers and could keep the competition from knocking on its door. As for wearable technology, it finds itself in a rare situation of playing catch-up but has pulled off a stroke of excellence by making us actually want to own one — something no others have managed to do.

While the gadgets were a success, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, when the live stream of the event crashed for everyone around the world leaving Apple fans on their knees as they tuned into get a glimpse of the new gear. For those who missed it, here’s how it all went down:

Here they are. Ta-dah!

Here they are. Ta-dah! Source: Supplied

All times are AEST (yes, we really did get up this early)

2.30am: The invited crowd is gathering and shuffling into the auditorium.

2.50am: Inside the Flint Centre where Tim Cook will take to the stage.

3.00am: Agh. Anyone who isn’t using Apple’s Safari browser won’t be able to watch the live stream of the keynote. Cheers, Apple.

3.05am: Live stream feed is down for everyone anyway. Technology, eh?

3.08am: Tim Cook skips the usual figures and company stats to get straight to the nitty gritty by stating “today we are announcing the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone”.

3.10am: It’s official Apple will be releasing TWO new iPhones: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. the iPhone 6 is the expected 4.7-inch screen with a Retina HD display. The Plus will be rocking a 5.5-inch screen size. The rumour mill, it seems, was bang on.

3.12am: The iPhone 6 will be 6.6mm thin and the 6 Plus 7.1mm. Much slimmer than the already svelte iPhone 5S at 7.6mm

3.15am: Official images of the new iPhones. Prepare to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh’.

Fancy new phones.

Fancy new phones. Source: Supplied

The iPhone 6 has 38 percent more pixels thans the iPhone 5S and the 6 Plus has 185 percen

The iPhone 6 has 38 per cent more pixels than the iPhone 5S and the 6 Plus has 185 per cent more. Source: Supplied


3.20am: The 6 Plus will be able to be used in landscape mode on the home screen. So it looks a little like a mini, mini iPad.

3.22am: How times have changed. The iPhone 6 is 84 times faster than the original iPhone.


Whoa! Source: Supplied

3.24am: The iPhone 6 Plus will play video games in higher resolution than video game consoles.

3.27am: A spankier new A8 processor chip will make the new iPhones 20 per cent faster than the previous models. Its graphics performance is now a whopping 50 per cent faster.

3.29am: Fitness and motion tracking is going to play a big role. The new M8 chip inside the phone will be able to tell the difference if you’re running or cycling.

3.30am: Sigh. An 8-megapixel camera still remains, but it has been updated. The iPhone 6 Plus gets fancy optical image stabilisation

A snappier snapper.

A snappier snapper. Source: Supplied

3.34am: Apple CEO Tweets for first time from an iPhone 6. Do you love it?

3.40am: Both iPhones will be available from September 19th. Prices for the iPhone 6 Plus look to be about $100 more.

3.44am: After a brief Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon cameo, Tim Cook is now talking about the mobile wallet. A new payment process called Apple Pay. So the iPhones officially have NFC (near field communication). The demo looked really easy to use. Simple touch and pay system.


3.52am: List of stores in US supporting Apple Pay. We heard McDonalds. Sold. But will it be another US-centric feature, much like Siri was when it was first launched?

3.59am: Now, every Apple event wouldn’t that “one more thing”. And crowds were not let down. Yes, after all the rumours the iWatch is real, and its simply called the Apple Watch.

The “most personal device we’ve ever created”

The “most personal device we’ve ever created” Source: Supplied

4.02am: Crowd is going crazy. Tim Cook claims “this product will redefine what people expect from its category”

4.05am: The Apple Watch has a rectangular face but circular interface. Looks very pretty. Watch senses you’re raising your wrist and turns on the display. Will work with iPhone and will use apps. We’re very excited.

\’Apple Watch\’ unveiled

4.09am: Apple’s design guru Jony Ive talks us through the Apple Watch. Sensors on the back that read your vital signs. The screen houses a number of apps that look like tiny dots. The Watches can talk to each other. It comes with six different straps.

Watching out for your heart rate and more.

Watching out for your heart rate and more. Source: Supplied

Watch face with apps controlled by a digital crown.

Watch face with apps controlled by a digital crown. Source: Supplied

4.12am: The display senses force from your touch. It will come in a ‘Sport Edition’, which is more rugged as well as a “Watch Edition” which is a premium model.

4.15am: Tim Cook: “we’ve been working on Apple Watch for a long time”.

Digital crown is like you home button on your iPhone

Digital crown is like you home button on your iPhone Source: Supplied

4.19am: Apple Watch being demoed on stage. Looks really intuitive and customisable. The astronomy face is awesome — it lets you look at the whole solar system on your wrist!

Scribble a doodle and send it to someone.

Scribble a doodle and send it to someone. Source: Supplied

4.21am: You can control music on devices around you, on your Mac and even the music stored on the Watch.

Customisable faces and multiple=

Customisable faces and multiple strap options. Source: Supplied

4.22am: Notification from calls, text, emails etc will be through Taptic, which “is like someone tapping you on your wrist”

4.23am: You can dictate into the Watch or use editable emojis to reply to people.

4.25am: Siri is also included in the Apple Watch.

Like Maps on your iPhone, but smaller and on your wrist.

Like Maps on your iPhone, but smaller and on your wrist. Source: Supplied

4.27am: Apple Maps looks amazing on the device. zooming in and out of the map looks easy and clear. We think we’ve fallen in love with this wearable device. And if you want people to falling love with you it can let you send your heartbeat to other Watch wearers and let them ‘feel’ it. Or you might think this is just a bit creepy.

Let others feel your heartbeat. Eww.

Let others feel your heartbeat. Eww. Source: Supplied

4.32am: Using with W Hotels you can unlock your hotel room by waving your hand near the lock and with BMW you can find where you parked your car. Awesome. This has already blown other wearables out the water.

4.34am: Some of the world’s most respected health and fitness experts helped develop Apple Watch.

The Watch can tell if you’ve been sitting for too long.

The Watch can tell if you’ve been sitting for too long. Source: Supplied

4.35am: It has an accelerometer to measure body movement and can track three aspects of movement and GPS with your iPhone to track your distance. It also has dedicated fitness apps. there are so many features we’re struggling to get them down.

Here you go, health freaks.

Here you go, health freaks. Source: Supplied

4.41am: Price stated starts at $349 and will be available early 2015.

4.43am: Another revelation: Apple Pay will work with Apple Watch.

4.47am: A brief musical interlude from U2 …

4.54am … that leads Apple and U2 to rather awkwardly announce their new album will be free on iTunes NOW!

5.00am: Well, that wraps things up. Tim Cook thanks his Apple staff and invites guests to get hands-on with the new devices.

So that’s it until the next time. Surprises were few thanks to the torrent of leaks from the internet but the products looked good nonetheless. The Apple Watch could be the masterstroke though as it genuinely looks like a wearable that we could get along with.

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