South African subscribers of Rate ‘n Date can have their looks rated by MMS

In an earlier blog article we discussed the usage of MMS for a number of “inbound” or “incoming” MMS use cases.

So the application here is that the customer or consumer takes a photo on their smart phone and sends the MMS to a suitable destination.

A number of business-focused use cases were discussed in our earlier blog article – however, this type of technology can of course be used in consumer-facing mobile services.

An interesting consumer service launched in South Africa last year by Cointel in association with LuckyMobile called Rate ‘n Date, allows interested people to send in an MMS photo of themselves and have their photos rated by other users on a scale of 1 to 10.  Granted, this is not the type of application for everyone, but an interesting use of MMS nonetheless!

Once the subscribers send in their MMS, they receive a WAP link enabling them to log into Rate ‘n Date to view their current scores.

The LuckyMobile Rate ‘n Date MMS service is detailed in the South African ITWeb Telecoms newsletter here;

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