Innovative use of MMS – Theatre Promotions

What are some of the more interesting uses for MMS?

We see MMS being used actively in a whole host of industries – from automotive, to property, luxury, retail and more. Some of these insights have appeared previously on articles in this blog.

But there are also some less well known industries that have used MMS to great effect.

An often overlooked feature of MMS is the ability to share the multimedia content on social media platforms like Facebook.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in the U.S.A. used MMS a few years back to engage with customers on a personal level. Following a surprise live performance, customers could text-in to receive an exclusive video MMS that explained how missing characters had come to life in the play along with instructions to buy tickets to see the new show at the theatre. The campaign also won an Award with the Mobile Marketing Association.

The results were extraordinary; 8 million impressions in 24 hours, an all-time record number of new guests at the theatre and interestingly, 14% shared the content on Facebook broadening the reach of the campaign. 17% also opted in to receive future messages from the theatre.

Waterfall, a cross-channel messaging provider in the U.S. document the full case study in their eBook here;

It leads me to wonder why more clients and agencies are not trying similar MMS campaigns here in Australia. Melbourne’s Comedy Festival for example would be perfect for this type of execution. Likewise Sydney’s Fringe Festival, the myriad of food and wine festivals to unlock food “secrets” – the list goes on.

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